Goods bought in USA delivered to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Due to the strong competition, American online stores carry a wide variety of quality goods and offer steep discounts and sales all year round. Seasonal sales, holiday sales, event sales, and just non-stop sales. However, many American manufacturers, online auctions and Internet stores (Amazon ,Victoria'sSecret, Apple, eBay, etc.) due to various reasons do not deliver their products and orders to Russia and some other countries.

Global Orders-USA makes it happen.
You shop - we ship!

Shipping goods from USA


We offer the service of a middleman in buying and shipping orders from the USA to anywhere in the world where American companies do not ship their merchandise.
You Shop, We Ship!

The most popular destinations include CIS countries - Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR, Europe, and Israel. With our help, you can buy goods in the USA without leaving your home, be it buying online from an Internet store or even from a conventional on-site store.

Buying goods in USA


We make the ordering process a snap for you.

You choose what you want to buy online or from a catalog at any store in the USA, let us know of your choice, and we buy it on your behalf and ship it to your address.

Alternatively, you buy online yourself and use our American address as the shipping address. In this case we will receive, inspect, repackage and forward the merchandise on to your home address abroad (mail forwarding).

Purchase A Car, Motorcycle, Boat

Купите в Америке автомобили, катера, мотоциклы и другие крупногабаритные вещи. Мы доставим их в Россию, Украину, Беларусь и другие страны СНГ

If you want to purchase a large item such as a car, a boat, a yacht, a motorcycle or just about anything else and get it delivered to your country, please contact us and we will do our best to help you. We can also help you to find and buy spare parts for your car, motorcycle, boat or any other vehicle.

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How to buy goods in USA shipped to Russia and other countries


Choose A product

You can choose any product at any US merchant or you can request that we find you the product according to your description



Pay For IT

Pay for your item either to the online store or to us if we are buying this product for you. After your product is delivered to us, pay for the international shipping to us



Get IT Delivered

After we receive your payment, we make sure to deliver your goods from USA to your country address; shipping insurance is available

That is it. No registration, no accounts, no logins or passwords to remember. Just fill out and submit the order form (what and where to buy, who and where to send to), make a payment and relax; we will do the rest.

If you prefer to deal with a live person rather than a web site, just give us a call at +1-818-770-1597, e-mail us, or call us on Skype (Skype Name: globalordersUSA) - we will be happy to help.

Our company is based in the USA (Los Angeles, California). Naturally, we know the USA market from within, all its ins and outs and we are always happy to help our clients not just to execute a purchase, but to provide valuable and personal advice on what, where and at what price to buy. We value all our customers, and we especially strive for and cherish our repeat customers. We don't take loyalty for granted, we try hard to earn it and that is our goal.

Want to use Our Shipping Service? Place an Order or call us at +1-818-770-.1597 or send us an e-mail.